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Humanity at the Crossroads - What’s the deeper meaning behind today’s chaotic events?

The old order is collapsing. The new order has yet to emerge. A worldwide transformation is taking place, and we face a future of unprecedented danger or unparalleled potential. Which path will we choose?

Humanity is not alone. Extraordinary Help is with us now to guide us in the right direction. Our future is bright.

Saturday, July 13th
2:00 pm
San Francisco Main Library 
Latino/Hispanic Community Room
100 Larkin Street at Grove

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The world is witnessing the awakening of humanity
at this most critical time. Millions of people across the globe are voicing their concerns for the health of our planet, and demanding the transformation of our present political, economic and social systems.

The status quo is no longer viable, but in which direction are we heading? The path of selfish separatism and inequality based on greed and competition, or the path of cooperation and sharing leading to global peace and brotherhood/sisterhood? Time is running out for us to halt the destruction daily wrought on planet Earth.

Humanity is not alone in our effort to make the needed changes for the better.

We have extraordinary help: the emergence of the World Teacher and his group, the Masters of Wisdom. These great Teachers are living among us now, working constantly from behind the scenes to help and uplift people everywhere. They are poised to come forward openly onto the world scene and speak directly to all of humanity.

The World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom will guide us onto the right path, away from the precipice, and awake our innermost longing for peace, justice and brotherhood/sisterhood.

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