At this time of global crisis, the one expected by all spiritual traditions has come. Maitreya, the World Teacher, is here with his group of incorruptible, compassionate, spiritual teachers, the Masters of Wisdom, to help us change the course of our future, reverse the damage we have done to our planet, and adopt the path of sharing - the only way that will bring peace and equality for all.



Upcoming Events

As a part of its educational outreach efforts, Share International Northern California presents a series of informative events every year. These events include lectures, meditation workshops, multi-media presentations and staffing booths at Progressive and New Age fairs and conventions. Our presentations to the public are always free of charge.

Speaker Bios

Learn about our group of speakers, all of whom have lectured widely on the west coast and overseas.

Ageless Wisdom Teachings

Our information is rooted in the esoteric tradition of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings - a systematic and comprehensive account of the evolution of consciousness in man and nature. It describes how the universe came to exist, how it operates, and man's place within it.